I just love tummy rubs. They are purr-fect!
I am a tired little warrior today but have decided to accept this purr-fect challenge with a soft toy to see who can sleep the longest.

For those interested - I still have not caught one of those things with wings yet!
I hope to get more rubs this evening as I have had a very busy day. I went outside but my fur was cold and the green stuff made my feet wet. Not sure when I will next go outside but can confirm that I did see things with wings. Will try to get one to show you all...



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Meow meow meoooooooow. This is my fur'st day at the Herbie and my toys are good but this box has a hole in it! I  am still learning how to do kitty blogging but wanted to leave something today other than what was left in my litter tray. Meow meow meow...